Haynes Charter Celebrates Blue Ribbon Week

Cool 2 Be Kind Students Against Bullying

Bringing awareness to the importance in spreading kindness among all students!
February 12th—16th

Monday, 2/12:​ Before school and during lunch:

• Tie blue ribbons around trees and poles along with posters to decorate campus for the week.
• After School: Sell C2BK T-shirts for $10.

Tuesday, 2/13:​​ Lunch:

• Kindness Wall
Fill out notes of kindness. What will you do spread kindness?
• After School: Sell C2BK T-shirts for $10.

Wednesday, 2/14:​Lunch: Happy Valentine’s Day!!

• Wear your C2BK shirt or blue
• Chalk Art for Kindness on the yard!

Thursday, 2/15:​​Classroom Activity: Read Around

• 5th graders will go to classrooms to read a storybook from our Kindness collection to students.
• Lunch: Finish kindness wall.

Friday, 2/16:​​ Lunch:

• Games, relay races.

Activities will take place during lunchtime, in shifts, from approximately 11:30am – 1:00pm.
If you would like to volunteer please email Karina Park @ k.m.park@hotmail.com.
Any amount of time you are available is greatly appreciated!


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