Meetings & Minutes


Please refer to our calendar for upcoming meetings.

All Governance Council Meetings are public and may be attended by any parent/guardian of Haynes Charter for Enriched Studies.  We encourage your participation as a stakeholder in our school and your involvement in our many committee opportunities.

The Governance Council meets at least six times during the traditional school year to discuss policy and make decisions on direction for the school.  The Council has the authority for aspects of its operations including, but not limited to, the development and implementation of policies related to curriculum, personnel, professional development, categorical black grant budget and finance, site-level scheduling, community relations, classroom usage, use of the school site, safety, discipline, charter revision, dispute resolution, appointment of school representatives to external organizations, and interactions with LAUSD.

Treasurer Reports:

QB 02-03-16

QB 01-14-16

QB 12-08-15

QB 11-12-15

QB 10-08-15

Meeting Minutes:

2-3-16 PTO Agenda

1-12-16 PTO Meeting minutes

10/27/15 Meeting Minutes

9/29/15 Meeting Minutes