Students Matter @ Haynes

June 2016 – UPDATE

During the 2015/2016 School Year Students Matter received $15,000.


Each year, in order to keep the high level of education we have at Haynes, we need to raise $30,000!!!

It is very easy to participate, whether is is a one time donation or monthly payments PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION OF ANY SIZE

$250 per child per year ensures each student’s academic needs are met.

It is as easy as $25/month.

Please consider giving as generously as you can so each child may have the tools they need.

Donations are tax deductible and easily made by clicking the buttons below or by filling out our donation form (Click Here).

Our status as a Charter kept us from losing funding for existing programs, but there are essential items for which the District does not provide.  Please see our School Status Report (Click Here) to see how we get our money and to where it is committed!

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